About Us

Hobbs Family Farm

Our 30 acre farm is located in Avondale, which is on the east side of the Rocky Mountains near Pueblo, Colorado. Our elevation is 4556’, latitude 38.2°, average rainfall 12”.

We farm here on the high plains because of the natural resources conducive to organic farming. Our soil is classified as “Prime, Irrigated Farm Land of National Importance”. The soil type is a mineral-rich Rocky Ford silty clay loam. We have senior water rights from the Bessemer Ditch, which is the third oldest irrigation ditch in Colorado. Bessemer Ditch water comes directly from the Pueblo Reservoir and thus does not have excessive chemical tail water.

Our Products

We grow certified organic garlic, open pollinated seeds, fresh vegetables, grains, cover crops and hay in a six year rotation. This rotation, along with the aridity, keeps disease and pest pressure to a minimum and yields premium quality food, seed and forage. We are certified organic by the Colorado Department of Agriculture #113.

We supplement our seed offerings with several other growers in our Bioregion including Mer-Girl Gardens in NM, White Mountain Farm in Mosca CO and Milberger Farms in Pueblo.

Our Experience

We have been growing seed crops for national seed companies since 1996. We are also a founding and active member of the Family Farmers Seed Cooperative (FFSC). Our seeds can also be found through FFSC www.organicseedcoop.com, High Mowing Organic Seeds, Botanical Interests, Southern Exposure Seed Exchange, and Fedco Seeds. 

Organic Certificate

View our certificate of compliance with the USDA National Organic Program.

2018 Seed List

Click here to download our current seed price list (PDF).